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Needs More Activity...
XC, your site is stagnant. Everything about it is good as far as I can tell. It's easy to use even for an old coot like me, but there's no one here man. This could be a great site but you need to work on marketing or whatever you need to do and get some activity on this thing. I'll try to tell some people about it or somethin.

PS I don't know if this is the right section but I want to make sure you didn't abandon GGF haha... Also I like the features your looking to put into the forum and adding those might help also.
Heh, yeah I guess this is the right section, I suppose. That's actually been the main issue. I know that if I could get just 10 really active members, that others would join when they see the content. But it just seems impossible to get anyone over here. But no, I definitely haven't abandoned GGF. Just been thinking of some other projects as well.
"The last domino falls here!"

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