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Hog Hunting - What to use?
My friend asked me if I'd like to help him dispatch some hogs next weekend. Its my first time hunting and Im a bit nervous but mostly want to make sure I have enough gun. I know hogs can be very tough.

XtremeConditions, I did end up getting the Mossberg 500 combo and also a short 18.5 inch barrel for it which I plan to use here. Should I use the 500, or would something else be better? I'd rather use my own gun but he does have some stuff he can lend me. What do you guys think?
Yo Triceleron, glad you went with the Mossberg! Definitely versatile with all those barrels. I've never hunted hog, but I do know they're very tough animals. I guess it depends what you guys plan to do with it. The guys I know who hunt hugs dispatch most of them and do take quite a few for harvesting. If that's the case, I'd stay away from buckshot. Don't want to have to pick out lead pellets from the meat if you don't have to. I'd maybe go with a slug, preferably solid copper, but a lead slug should do okay as well. Lots of mass to stop the hogs, but with your pump, also a lack of followup shots.

What does your buddy have to lend? Anything in 7.62x39 or even 5.56 for follow-up shots would actually make me more confortable. It would be between my SU-16 or SKS as far as what I have, but I think ultimately the choice is yours. For me, I'd rather have fast semi-auto follow up shots than have limited number of big nasty slugs where I may miss with under pressure and get charged. But between those two, a 7.62x39 is probably the way to go, because again, more mass. This definitely isn't my area of expertise, but I would say look up some ballistics tests on YouTube and draw your own conclusions. But all in all, whatever you're most confident in will keep you safer out there under pressure IMO.
"The last domino falls here!"
Yeah, I really do like the 500, but I found out he has a Saiga 7.62x39, and now that you reminded me about having follow up shots, I may just go with that. I do think I would feel more confident in an AK type rifle vs a pump shotgun with only a few in the tube. Thanks for your suggestions XC.
Hey Tri, did you ever go on that outing? I'd love to hear a report. Smile
"The last domino falls here!"
Sorry Ive been away for a while. Yeah, we did end up going and I ended up using the Saiga. My Buddy let me practice with a couple boxes of ammo the day before and I was digging it. I didn't mind sacrificing a little knockdown power for more follow-up shots. Afterwards he did the cooking and it was good eating. I was a little bit squeamish about him removing the guts but I guess thats part of the process. All in all not too bad.

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