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We're on Tapatalk!
We've just gotten our forum onto the Tapatalk network. Using our forum on your mobile device is now easier than ever. Just head into the Tapatalk app (download from Google Play Store, or iOS App Store), search "Global Gun Forum", and boom, you're using a mobile-optimized interface for our site!

Also, Tapatalk supports registration through Facebook or Google, meaning that signing up is easier than ever! However, we're not completely sure whether signing up for our site using Facebook or Google, then signing in with Tapatalk, is supported. So, in order to not have to make multiple accounts, it would probably be better to just sign up through our own site's registration process. We'll update on this issue when we understand it better ourselves. 

Enjoy using our site via Tapatalk!
Just signed up with it. Nice and convenient to talk guns from my phone!
Just replied to your other thread, but like I said there, I'm glad people are able to find us via Tapatalk. Should help some drive some traffic. Hopefully. Wink
"The last domino falls here!"
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