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Glock 34 Review
So a couple weeks back, I rented a Glock 34 at a shop/range called Blue Ridge Arsenal, located in Chantilly, VA. I've shot a handgun on a number of other occasions. A Smith & Wesson Model 67, Glock 17 and a Glock 42. Thing is, this time around, I took my mom to the range. She was skeptical since she's a little nervous around guns, but she agreed to try it out. 

[Image: mMvVoWQ.jpg]

The reason we went with the Glock 34 was because it was the heftiest 9mm they had. I'm fine with shooting just about anything, but my mom of course is not. So we wanted something that would be a little softer on her. I didn't care. I got out to the range. Smile

So come my first shot, I already loved the G34. The trigger was pretty darn nice, the gun was heavy, and the sight radius was really long, so all this made for a super accurate gun. Although I didn't actually know anything about the Glock Model 34, I could tell this was a gun set up for target/competition, and it immediately showed. 

We put about 150 rounds through the gun, me about 125 of those. I changed distance here and there, but I was very much able to keep my shots in about 2 inches at 10 yards. Being relatively inexperienced with a handgun, as well as not getting out to the range in a while, I thought that was pretty damn good. The thing practically shot itself. It was a laser-beam! I didn't even try that hard, and my groups were coming out great. For me, at least. 

But there were some problems. I was getting a lot of malfunctions. Some failures to extract, failures to eject, etc. However, upon closer inspection of the gun, it was filthy. This is unfortunately very common among rented range guns, so I guess this is more of a complaint against the shop than the Glock 34 that we shot. Overall, both of us enjoyed shooting. I just wish I'd have caught my mom's outburst of profanity upon her first shot. Still, she shot pretty well. She only put about 20 rounds downrange, but all of them were pretty damn close to where she was aiming. 

So again, overall, the Glock 34 was a blast to shoot, and if you're looking for a nice target pistol in 9mm, I think this thing might be a solid contender. I'll probably put the range video up at some point (and add it here), but I've just been so busy, I'll have to find time to edit. Thanks for reading guys. Do any of you have your own thoughts? Let us know!

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